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Our response to COVID-19

Worldwide, there are a lot of changes to how companies and organizations are operating while COVID-19 is spreading.

We intend to deliver veterinary service as normal, but we'll be making some adjustments to the way we deliver our service to try to prevent a greater impact on our ability to operate effectively in the coming weeks. Mostly these are simple measures to help maintain hygiene, but we ask for everyone's help and understanding so we can continue to deliver our service with as little disruption as possible.

1. When booking an appointment, please tell us if you have a cough or fever. If you have both of these things, then we may divert you to a tele-health consultation first. Please just be honest. 

This is easy and involves a phone consultation with a possible video conference with one of our veterinarians first. It is possible we can resolve your pet's problem with this call alone. If not, we will advise you what to do next.This is a brand new service we have created to cope with the current situation and we'll all be feeling our way around it, so bear with us. We'll get a lot better at it quickly.

2. To maintain social distance, we'll be doing most appointments via a Curbside Care model. 

When you arrive, please call from your vehicle. Feel free to get your dog out and allow him/her to potty, while maintaining at least 6 feet between you and any other person. We will come out, discuss the appointment details with you, and bring your pet into the building, while you wait in your vehicle. We will communicate by phone during and/or after the appointment, including taking payment over the phone where possible. We will then bring your pet back out to you, along with any supplies or prescriptions. Please note: this is not a "drop off" appointment - we need you to stay in the parking lot for the duration of the appointment. Please don't plan to run errands or make a quick dash to McDonald's while your pet is inside - we need to reach you and the appointment may be quicker than usual for some pets. 

3. If we do need you to come inside, all clients MUST wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer on entry to the building. Should you have an allergy or irritant response to this, then we can have you wash your hands in the bathroom near the lobby. This is to help ensure everyone's safety. There won't be any exceptions to this rule.

4. No handshakes or hugs, please. We love giving out hugs and handshakes, but right now this is a no-no, so until this all settles down we're going for waving and smiling. We will be working to stay at least 6 feet away from you, so please help us with this.

5. Please (and this one is the worst of all) do not bring us any home-cooked goods or gifts :( You love doing this and we love getting them, but we can't accept them at the moment.

6.  Some classes and workshops are proceeding on schedule at this time, although that may change with future guidance. We will notify everyone who is registered for a class if any are cancelled. Indoor lessons operate on a modified protocol: we can only allow one family member to attend with each dog or puppy, and all students must wear a mask while indoors.

7. For those who are picking up food, medications, or other supplies, we are doing a Car Hop service. If you're too young to know what the heck that is, we are taking phone orders and bringing your items to you, while you wait in the car, to limit traffic into the building. 

Car Hop service is simple:
1. Call ahead to order what you need (920-648-2421).
2. Pay by phone, or tell us you plan to have payment ready in your car.
3. When you arrive, call us from your car.
4. We'll come out with your items, and take payment at that time if you haven't already paid.
5. Pat yourself on the back for your superior social-distancing skills!

As a healthcare facility, we regularly disinfect our practice to keep you and your pets safe. Since concerns about COVID-19 popped up, we've stepped up our cleaning routine to make sure all surfaces are being more frequently disinfected.

We are following the CDC's recommendations and ensuring that sick team members stay home for the safety of your families and ours. We are continuing to monitor recommendations, and will act accordingly if things change.

As far as your furry friends go, there's no need to worry about them. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), no animals in the United States have been identified with the virus, and there's no evidence that dogs or other pets can contract or spread COVID-19.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be posting regular updates to our website, and also to our Facebook page.

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