Advanced Rally


Get ready for the next round of Dog Olympics! The long awaited second course of our highly popular Rally class is here! Rally (also known as Rally Obedience, or Rally-O) is a dog sport that combines agility activities with obedience skills.

Although many people compete in Rally-O, our classes are designed around being fun and teaching useful skills for you and your dog. With tunnels, jumps, weaves, and laughter, Rally just might be the most fun you and your dog have all summer!

Location: Humane Society of Jefferson County

Class Length:  6-week series (About 1 hour lessons)

Class Size: 6 dog maximum


What’s the schedule for this class?

Because we only offer a one series each year, our classes fill quickly!

2021 Class Start Date: TBD


Enroll now in Advanced Rally (online form). If you have questions, you can also call (920) 648-2421 or email us!


What will you and your dog learn in this class?

Each lesson will have a series of stations. Your dog will learn the skill for each station, and then put it all together to run the course.

Each week the course will get a little bigger, with more stations. The first couple of weeks will focus on refreshing and refining the skills learned in Introduction to Rally, and later weeks will delve into more advanced activities.


What kind of dog is this class for?

Advanced Rally is great for active dogs looking for a fun challenge.


Are there any prerequisites for this class?

Because this class builds on existing class material, we require students to take our Introduction to Rally class prior to enrollment in Advanced Rally.


How much does this class cost?

The price of Advanced Rally is $150, which includes lessons, take-home handouts, and graduation materials. Additionally, our instructors are more than willing to stay after class and address any individual questions you may have.


Who teaches this class?

Our behavioral trainer, Danielle, currently teach Rally 3&4. You can learn more about their certifications, experience, and more on our Meet the Trainers page!


Classes are filling up quickly, so be sure to enroll soon (link above). If you have questions, call (920) 648-2421 or email us!

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