How To Help Your Fearful Dog


Fears & Phobias: How to Help Your Fearful Dog


Is your dog afraid of ordinary things like vacuum cleaners or items dropped on the ground? Does your dog run for cover during thunderstorms or fireworks?

Join us for a casual conversation about why dogs develop fears and phobias-- from the common to the bizarre. Learn ways to help your dog get past his/her fears, and maybe how to understand your dog a little better.

We'll also learn how to recognize common signs of stress in dogs. Dog body language is subtle...and fascinating!

This event is for humans only, so please leave your pets at home.


Date: Monday, March 4, 2019; 6-8pm (Facebook Event)

Location: Humane Society of Jefferson County



  • Mittsy Voiles, Behaviorist at Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic
  • Dani Sherman, Training Assistant & Behavioral Intern at Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic


This event is free, but monetary and/or item donations for the Humane Society are greatly appreciated. Check out their wishlist here.

We’d love to know how many people are planning to attend so we can set up the room accordingly. Please give us a call at (920) 648-2421 or email us to let us know you’re planning on attending!

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