Brunch with Dr. Deanna and Mittsy

Is it "behavioral" or "medical"?

Every day we have at least one client say, "well, my cat/dog has been doing this (insert weird/frustrating behavior here) recently, but I'm sure it's just behavioral".

Very few situations with pets are ever JUST medical or JUST behavioral. In all animals, including humans, outward behavior is the result of a complex combination of physiology and mental activity.

At the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians and technicians collaborate closely with our behaviorist, reading body language and subtle signs of stress or pain, evaluating all angles of patient behavior and history, to arrive at a comprehensive treatment plan.

Dr. Deanna and her sled dogsYou may know that a cat with a urinary tract infection is likely to urinate outside the box, and cats who are stressed may also urinate outside their litterbox. But did you know that stress can CAUSE a urinary tract infection? Treating only the infection may result in some cats having chronic urinary tract problems.Mittsy with bottle baby Sara

A dog who eats the couch in your absence might have separation anxiety. He may also have acid reflux, a condition that causes animals to compulsively eat non-food items. Having acid reflux makes dogs anxious. Dogs who are regularly anxious may develop ulcers, which cause acid reflux. Which came first?

Come enjoy a delicious brunch at Water House Bistro, support the Humane Society of Jefferson County and learn more about the interplay between medical and behavioral diagnoses. Deanna Clark, DVM, CCRT, and Mittsy Voiles, BA, CPDT-KA, will talk about some of their mutual cases and answer your questions.

Where: Water House Bistro, 132 East Lake Street, Lake Mills, WI

When: TBA

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