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We're serious about community education. We offer lots of free sessions, in collaboration with the Humane Society of Jefferson County and other organizations, on a variety of topics.

Click here to download a PDF of our entire 2019 schedule of workshops and seminars!

Click the session titles below to learn more about each type of session. See you out in the community!


Session TitleDate
3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 MonthsJanuary 14, 6-8pm
Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath?January 21, 6-8pm
Build A Dog Enrichment ToyFebruary 2, 10am-12pm
Four on the FloorFebruary 16, 10am-12pm
Dog's Day Out: Life SkillsFebruary 25, 6-8pm
How To Help Your Fearful DogMarch 4, 6-8pm
Dog Park: Dos & Don'tsMarch 11, 6-8pm
911 or No Big Deal?March 20, 6:30-8pm
Help! There's a Loose Dog!March 25, 6-8pm
Let's Go for a WalkApril 6, 10am-12pm
What Is My Dog Saying?April 8, 6-8pm
The Worms Crawl InApril 22, 6-8pm
It's Potty Time!June 3, 6-8pm
Teach a Great RecallJune 22, 10am-12pm
Let's Go for a WalkJuly 20, 10am-12pm
What is My Cat Saying?July 22, 6-8pm
3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 MonthsAugust 5, 6-8pm
Separation AnxietyAugust 12, 6-8pm
Dog-Powered SportsSeptember 28, 10am-12pm
Help! There's a Loose Dog!October 7, 6-8pm
Save Your Couch From Your CatOctober 23, 6-8pm
And Baby Makes 5!November 18, 6-8pm
Dog's Day Out: Life SkillsDecember 7, 10am-12pm

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