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  • Cooder, part 1
    Cooder (part 1)By Bill Stork, DVMEarly in the summer of 2004, Cooder struggled to his feet for what would turn out to be the last time. Down two short steps Read more
  • Cooder, part 2
    Cooder (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMCooder and I made the transition from the land of Lincoln to the land of Lombardi as best as can be expected.By the time my Read more
  • Cooder, part 3
    Cooder (part 3)By Bill Stork, DVMAs I rounded the north end of Rock Lake toward the clinic, on that Sunday afternoon in 1995, the annual armada of fishermen outlined where Read more
  • Free Bird
    Free BirdBy Bill Stork, DVMIf I live to be a hundred, or tomorrow never comes, I pray that my last memory will be sunken in an over-stuffed chair on a Read more
  • I ain't never had too much fun
    I ain't never had too much funBy Bill Stork, DVMIt was 9:00PM on a sweet spring evening as we sat around the fire pit. My son Calvin asked for $10, Read more
  • When in Roam...
    When in Roam…By Bill Stork, DVMFind yourself wedged under a Brush Hog that successfully located the long-lost sewer cover, overgrown by burdock and thistle, and Gary Edmonds is the friend Read more
  • Every dog has his day (part 1)
    Every dog has his dayBy Bill Stork, DVMThere once was a day when I nearly thought I was cool. It would fly in the face of my very nature to Read more
  • Every dog has his day (part 2)
    Every dog has his day (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMI have known some amazing intellects: Kishan Khemani, Dick Bass and Arlin Rodgers, to name a few. All have become productive Read more
  • Doc, come quick!
    Doc, come quick!By Bill Stork, DVMOn any given day, “DOC, COME QUICK AS YOU CAN!” are not the first words you hope to hear. Especially shouted into an answering machine Read more
  • Doc, come quick! (part 2)
    Doc, come quick! (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMDriving was out of the question, even if they could have found their car. Instead, Naish made his way back to Florida Avenue Read more
  • Doc, come quick! (part 3)
    Doc, come quick! (part 3)By Bill Stork, DVMSo, we have a legendary ability to fall asleep, and an established history when that sleep is broken. Let us travel 250 miles Read more
  • And There Is Your Dagger
    With my clean Left hand between palpating cows at the Griswold Farm, I retrieved a text message from Ryan Haack; Nothing feels more like a "win" than getting your hay baled Read more
  • The book is out!
    "In Herriot's Shadow" (the book) is now available!Stop into the clinic, or order online from Read more
  • OLF
    My dad just turned 80 years old this summer. In 64 years he's never driven or owned a new automobile. He changes the oil no less frequently than 1500 miles, and Read more
  • Rambo (part 1 of 2)
    RamboBy Bill Stork, DVMWe were recently approached by a retired social worker who spent a career's worth of compassion in the service of people in need. Motivated to redirect her Read more
  • Rambo (part 2 of 2)
    Rambo (part 2 of 2)By Bill Stork, DVM“Well I suppose,” I stammered. “When are you thinking…” as I heard a gate agent make the last call for boarding.“Actually, Mr. Bill, Read more

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