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  • Under pressure. Or not. (part 2)
    Under pressure. Or not. (part 2)By Bill Stork, DVMI made subtle adjustments to free the tip of the needle from the wall of the vein. Again, not a drop. The Read more
  • Alice's Restaurant
    Alice’s RestaurantBy Bill Stork, DVMThe day-to-day of a country vet consists in no small part of driving in circles. There will be flash frustration and teeth gnashing, but it is Read more
  • Ol, Silver Anniversary Edition
    Olé,  Silver Anniversary EditionBy Bill Stork, DVMSome lessons should last a lifetime. You may recall that while still in school doing a midnight calf check, I was distracted by a Read more
  • According to Ryan
    In a recent visit to the Haack farm, Ryan commented, "you know, if I'm not completely exhausted when I go to bed, I just don't feel as if I got Read more
  • Uncle Con
    Uncle ConBy Bill Stork, DVMEarly April 1936, well before first light, Frank sat motionless, in thought. A shadow on the dusty floor from a single naked bulb, enveloped by last Read more
  • Ol
    OléBy Bill Stork, DVMIt was early spring 1985, at South Farms, University of Illinois. Late in the third year of my undergraduate education, I pondered my future. Having recently attended a local rodeo and Read more
  • Abby to the Rescue, part 2
    Abby to the Rescue, Part 2By Bill Stork, DVM As for Otis and the Elevators, they would gig from Champaign, Illinois, to the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union Terrace. Well before Read more
  • Abby to the Rescue, part 1
    Abby to the Rescue, Part 1By Bill Stork, DVM Three hundred sixty four days a year, well before dawn cracks through the cul-de-sac, Abby the Westie is all about business and Read more
  • Smokin' Weed
    Smokin' Weed By Bill Stork, DVM  It was mid-July 2005. Recently removed from my home and half of all I had worked for, at times the only thing preventing me from dropping Read more
  • Holly
    HollyBy Bill Stork, DVMThe ad read: “Two-doctor, mixed-animal veterinary practice in the bucolic hamlet of Lake Mills, seeks a Hospital Manager.”"Our staff is dedicated, motivated and compassionate beyond all else. Read more
  • The Unstoppable Judy B
    The Unstoppable Judy B By Bill Stork, DVM She could have been admitted through emergency at San Diego General. Dean Care would have covered without question. Her niece, Hannah, would ensure she Read more
  • Team Stork
    Team StorkBy Bill Stork, DVMMy daughter Paige recently asked, “What are we doing on September 15?”The Madison edition of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s was taking place, and she thought Read more
  • Mrs. Haynes
    Mrs. HaynesBy Bill Stork, DVMMrs. Haynes lived across Nickey Avenue from our family. I only knew her as a widow, smartly dressed and made up, whether she was mowing grass, Read more
  • Abby to the Rescue, part 3
    Abby to the Rescue, Part 3By Bill Stork, DVM By obligation, and for the better of us all, time marches on. In the quarter century since, Jim Bury, Daniel "Red Bud" Read more
  • Miles and miles of Texas
    Miles and Miles of TexasBy Bill Stork, DVMOnly a few minutes ago, the forest floors and roadsides of Wisconsin exploded with the colors and perfume of spring wildflowers. Yet, in Read more
  • Hail the workin' man (and woman)
    Hail the workin' man (and woman)By Bill Stork, DVMThere were three deep potholes on East Grant Street. Monday through Friday, near 5pm, the overload springs on a 1975 ¾-ton Ford Read more

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