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Blog Archives (pre-2013)

Here you'll find news articles, and the archive of our blog prior to April 2013.

Timely information to keep your pets healthy and happy - you'll find that and more on these pages.

December 22, 2009 - Media release: 10 ways to make a happy holiday for animals (PDF format) (21.1kb)
Happy holidays to you and your pets! Click the link above for ideas on how to help your pet enjoy the holidays, including avoiding hazards like toxic plants and foods.

October 28, 2008 - Media release: Keep pets safe from Halloween hazards (PDF format) (8kb)
LAKE MILLS – Halloween candies may fluster dentists, but they make veterinarians downright nervous.

That innocuous Hershey™ bar probably won’t give your dog a cavity, but it might make him very ill... (click the link above to read the entire story)

July 28 2008 - Media release: Protect pets from elusive blue-green algae (PDF format) (11kb)

LAKE MILLS – Lurking beneath the surface of still water, a blue-green menace may be waiting to snare your dog – or you.

Dr. Stork of the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic is concerned that dog owners may be unaware of the potential danger of blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, in our waterways this summer... (click the link above to read the entire story)

To learn more about blue-green algae, please visit the Wisconsin DNR web site,

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