Behavior and training resources

Is your new puppy demolishing your house? Does your dog drag you down the street on walks?

Below you'll find some printable resources on handling common problem behaviors.

In addition to our classes, Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic offers private lessons and in-clinic consultations for more serious behavioral problems. We can also come to your home to evaluate and treat your dog's behavior.

Please contact the clinic at 920-648-2421, or email us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

File Name Description / Comment
Paw Prints - Crate training Crate train your dog to prevent toileting accidents, furniture chewing and for safe car trips.
Paw Prints - Get your dogs off to a good start Give your new dog(s) the best opportunity to become friends for life by following these simple guidelines during their first few minutes and days together.
Paw Prints - Help your dog settle Use massage, gentle handling and settling techniques to help your dog become more comfortable with nail trims, brushing, grooming and general care.
Paw Prints - Keep your dog busy, not bored Anxious or bored dogs can display behaviors like barking, digging, inappropriate chewing and escaping, which are unacceptable and stressful to you, and self-rewarding and damaging to the dog. This resource sheet describes toys and activities to stimulate your dog's mind. Engaging your dog's mind is as important as physical exercise.
Paw Prints - Let's go for a walk Teach your dog to walk nicely on leash by using these strategies to retrain common problems like pulling, leash biting, freezing and wrapping your legs in the leash.
Paw Prints - Puppy biting Teach your puppy not to bite people, even in play.
Paw Prints - Recognize and respond to stress A growl stops you in your tracks, but what about a yawn? Learn your dog's subtle stress/anxiety signals to develop a better relationship with him and prevent potential aggression and fear problems.
Paw Prints - Socialize your puppy Use this list to help expose your puppy to many and varied experiences. Good socialization helps puppies become confident and calm adults. Fearful puppies can become nervous adult dogs, and anxiety can lead to aggressive behavior.
Paw Prints - Teach polite behavior Attention-seeking behavior can be frustrating to deal with, and is easily encouraged by accident. This resource sheet is a brief guide to some simple ways to recognize demanding behavior, and respond to it gently and appropriately.

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