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Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic

What's new?

Let's go for a walk! (Friday, March 24, 3:00-6:00pm)... Need a little help getting your pooch in sync with your step? Dogs sit, lie down and run to each other as part of their natural behavior. When was the last time you saw a dog leading another dog around on a lead? However . . . your dog’s daily walks are important times for the dog to get out and enjoy the neighborhood and it is important to teach your dog to enjoy walking on lead—even if you live in an area where your dog doesn’t generally go on lead walks. Leash manners are simply to keep your dog from pulling your arm out of its socket—not to have your dog in a perfect “heel” all the time. Start now and life will be easier later. This free workshop will be at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. See you there!

It's Potty Time! for dogs AND cats (Monday, March 27, 6:00-8:00pm)... Did you know that dogs are not considered potty trained until they have not had an accident for 90 days? Dogs and cats can have a hard time learning our potty training routines for them. Join the behavioral team from the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic (Mittsy Voiles, Alli Jerger, Danielle Bartz) to learn how to gently and quickly teach cats and dogs good toilet routines. You'll also learn what things don't work, and what things (rubbing noses in the mess) will make the problem much worse. This workshop will cover the basics for dogs and cats who are being newly potty trained, as well as techniques to use to get back on track if toilet training has gone astray. Learn about common health problems that can throw off toileting behavior, and when to check in with your veterinarian. This free workshop will be at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. See you there!

Dr. Stork's new book

Dr. Stork's new book, "Stepping from Herriot's Shadow" is available! Stop into the clinic to pick up a copy, or order online at www.drbillstork.com.

We're hiring! We are currently looking for a full-time Certified Veterinary Technician. Interested? Please see our "Employment Opportunities" page for details.

We offer advanced training and behavior options... In addition to our full range of dog training classes (from Puppy Preschool and Puppy Primary School, to Family Dog Manners), we have three free workshops scheduled this fall, with topics ranging from Rally (agility), to helping a new dog adapt to your home, and learning to better read your dog's body language.

If a class setting isn't the best environment for your dog, we also offer in-clinic and in-home private lessons.

You can also schedule "pre-puppy"/"pre-adoption" consultation with our behaviorist to make sure you're prepared for your new furry family member!

For more information about our diverse training and behavior services, call 920-648-2421 or email today!

Our 2017 Seminar Series...

...has begun! Starting Monday, January 30, and continuing throughout the year, we'll be offering over a dozen free events, in collaboration with the Humane Society of Jefferson County. Check our Community Events pages for more details.

Dr. Stork is a writer...

Dr. Stork's books, "In Herriot's Shadow" and "Stepping from Herriot's Shadow" are now available! Stop into the clinic to purchase a copy, or order online from www.drbillstork.com.

Dr. Stork makes his TV debut!

Looking for Dr. Stork's stories? Click on the link titled "In Herriot's Shadow", to the right.

Our clinic in a nutshell...

As one of only a handful of clinics across the country with a full-time behaviorist on staff, we blend our medical expertise with advanced behavioral skills, and this makes a big difference for you and your pet. From helping your dog bravely step on our lobby scale, to coping with the noises and strange body positions of taking an x-ray, and everything in between, a behavioral approach can turn hisses into purrs, and growls into wags.

Beyond a full-service veterinary clinic, we provide wellness care, dental care, and soft-tissue surgery. In partnership with a local specialist, we also offer in-clinic orthopedic surgery. With comprehensive in-house laboratory and radiology equipment, and access to countless external laboratories, research facilities and specialty providers, our doctors diagnose and treat cats, dogs and cattle, along with occasional horses, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and other animals in need of care.

Our 10-person team offers a combined 105+ years of experience in animal care and veterinary medicine. We have achieved certifications and specialized training in fields including behavioral therapy, veterinary dentistry, canine ophthalmology, Canine Rehabilitation Therapy, surgical anesthesia, phlebotomy, and dermatology.

We offer on-call and emergency services, including referrals to skilled regional emergency clinics. We also provide emergency care and regular herd health visits for local Wisconsin farms.

Call or stop by anytime to meet us in person!

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